Love Island’s Anna Vakili hits out at stigma around women and how they dress

Anna Vakili has hit out at stigma surrounding women and how they dress, saying a woman can be both sexy and smart.

The Love Island star, 30, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share two photos side-by-side that saw her wearing very different looks, as she reflected on how women are judged for what they wear.

In one photo she showed off her sensational curves in a semi-sheer black bra and matching underwear, while in the second she donned a white shirt, jumper vest and a mask while at work at her pharmacy.

Thoughts: Love Island’s Anna Vakili slammed stigma around women being seen as either ‘boring’ or ‘s****y’ depending on how they dress in a candid post she shared on Tuesday

In a lengthy caption, she wrote: ‘Stigma and stereotype. Two concepts that’s follow women around from the moment they enter the social world. 

‘Boring, frigid, s****y, dumb. I mean, the list of words used to label women is endless,’ she said, comparing how the two photo would be perceived by some men.


‘It’s unfair, that women feel the need and pressure to conform to one stereotype and please a certain group of people, and in doing so must sacrifice a whole other side of themselves and who they are in the process.

‘I have for so long been stuck in a conflicting crisis of which one am I? Who am I? Until now. Now I can finally say I am BOTH. And screw anyone who can’t accept that. 

Hitting out: In her caption, Anna said she struggled with her identity because stigma around women celebrating their sexiness, but said she’s realised she can be ‘anything she wants to be’

‘I won’t forget this great scene in Sex & The City, when Miranda sarcastically dismissed a guy she met at the bar who said that women are usually smart OR beautiful and a man can not wish for both.

‘The stigma and stereotype attached to a woman who finds self empowerment and confidence in being sexy and therefore feeling sexy, is that she is most likely brain dead. 

‘This is false and needs to change. A woman can be anything she wants to be and express it in anyway she finds suitable for her.’

She concluded: ‘And intelligence, education, smart sharp wit and all other intellectual qualities have nothing to do with what a women wears, how she looks and chooses to portray herself.’

Stigma: Anna added that ‘intelligence, education, smart sharp wit and all other intellectual qualities have nothing to do with what a women wears’

Earlier this month, Anna – who battled coronavirus shortly before the new year – posed up a storm in red lace lingerie by Missy Empire for a bedroom shoot.  

The TV star – who has been dating her mystery boyfriend for over a year – recently lifted the lid on her relationship in an exclusive interview with MailOnline.

Anna admitted that while the couple are in a ‘serious’ romance, they’re ‘not ready’ to get married or have kids just yet.

The curvaceous bombshell first rose to prominence during her stint on Love Island, where she embarked on ill-fated flings with Sherif Lanre, Ovie Soko and Jordan Hames. 

‘Thick, just how he likes it!’ Earlier this month, the TV star – who battled coronavirus shortly before the new year – posed up a storm in red lace lingerie by Missy Empire

Shortly after leaving the Mallorcan villa, the media personality embarked on a new relationship, but has kept mum on her partner’s identity ever since.  

‘He’s a private person who doesn’t have Instagram’, the TV star, who has teased her beau in her cheeky Instagram captions, told us.

‘I think I feel pressured to get married and have kids because of my age. I do want to marry him in the future. Coming from a Middle Eastern background, being married and having kids by 30 is very much pushed onto us. 

‘I don’t care as I’m not going to give in to the pressure, I’m not ready to get married or have kids, I’m having too much fun. F**k society’s stereotypical standards!’

‘We’re in a serious relationship’: The TV star has been dating her mystery boyfriend for over a year  (pictured on his arm in August 2020)

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