Love Island’s Sharon Gaffka bombarded with ‘violent messages’ from vile trolls after exit

Love Island star Sharon Gaffka has pleaded with trolls to stop sending her violent messages after she was dumped from the show earlier this week
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Despite this, Sharon insisted that she’s got a thick skin before stressing that ITV have been ‘incredible’ in supporting her since her exit from the show.

“I have to address a couple of things. I don’t normally like to give trolls airtime or even space rent free in my head, but this is just something I feel I have to get off my chest,” Sharon started.

“I didn’t initially disclose my hometown when going in the villa for personal reasons. I wanted to protect my family first and foremost, and sharing locations and things like that is not safe for anyone – so thank you for those who have done that for me.

“Second of all, since leaving the villa I’ve had a lot of lovely messages and they definitely outweigh the negative ones.

The TV star insisted that she’s just a normal girl who went on a TV show
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“But now I’m starting to get some more violent ones and I need to say to put a stop to it.”

The TV star insisted that she’s just a normal girl who went on a TV show, before insisting that she is never going to rise to the trolls by giving them a response to their hateful message.

Sharon said: “At the end of the day, it’s a person you’re saying this to – not a character on a TV show.

“I’m never going to retaliate to these messages, I’m never going to send you anything horrible back. But I just want to say that I’m in a very good position, I’m very f***ing lucky that ITV are incredible and have been insane since I left the villa – I’m sure I can speak for every islander when I say that.

Sharon said that she's lucky she has a thick skin
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“I have amazing friends, a very strong family support and I’m very fortunate that I have that – but you don’t know if the person you’re sending those messages to has that.

“You don’t know later down the line if your messages could have very horrible consequences and repercussions,” she added.

Sharon was booted from the villa earlier this week when newcomer AJ decided to couple up with Hugo – leaving Sharon on her own and out of the friendship couple.

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