Mauricio Pochettino reveals he only watched 25 MINUTES of All or Nothing Tottenham documentary

Mauricio Pochettino says he has only sat through 25 minutes of Tottenham’s All or Nothing Amazon series and revealed his assistant Jesus Perez has found it too painful to watch any of it after being airbrushed out.

The end of Pochettino’s reign barely features in the nine-part series despite it being one of the main storylines of Spurs’s 2019-20 campaign.

And he criticised Amazon for reducing his successful five-and-a-half year spell into less than half an episode and their treatment of Perez. 

Mauricio Pochettino criticised Tottenham’s All or Nothing series as it glossed over his exit

Pochettino admits he felt five years at the club boiled down to 25 minutes was tough to take


Speaking on the Between The Lines podcast, Pochettino said: ‘Me and Jesus, we only watched the first 25 minutes, until we left the club. We watched, and to be honest, it was correct.

‘It was like “OK, we need to put that Jesus, Toni, Miguel, Sebastiano and Mauricio were there”, but it’s nothing to do with the documentary.

‘OK, five and a half years (at the club) and we’re only in the scenario for 25 minutes, trying to justify why we left the club.

Pochettino (left) revealed assistant boss Jesus Perez (right) would find it too difficult to watch

 Jose Mourinho (right) arrived and assumed centre stage throughout the nine episodes

‘But I understand, because it’s a documentary that’s trying to put the club in a good place. The club is not going to open the door to Amazon to create a problem after the documentary.

‘I feel sorry for Jesus. I think Jesus appeared one time with me.

‘Jesus was like a superman. He spent two or three hours in the morning, two or three hours in the evening, across three, four, five months, trying to coordinate everything.

‘I know he’s not going to watch the documentary because it’s tough and it’s painful for him because he spent a lot of time and effort. And of course, I can feel how he feels, you know.’ 

Mourinho was the focus on and off the pitch for most of the episodes in the Amazon series 

Pochettino was speaking in the Behind the Lines podcast, hosted by journalist Melissa Reddy


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