Millie Mackintosh shares her birth story – from panic to seeing daughter being born

Millie Mackintosh gave birth in November
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She shares her two daughters with husband Hugo Taylor
(Image: Instagram/ @milliemackintosh)

"Naturally I went into panic mode as I felt so unprepared and nervous, plus Sienna was poorly at home with Hand Foot & Mouth and I knew she needed her Mama!" Millie continued.

"It was seriously bad timing, I was monitored overnight and pumped full of fluids as I got really dehydrated, but thankfully it was a false alarm so I was discharged to go home again."

The doting mum said the "scare" made her appreciate the last two weeks of her pregnancy, and she spent a lot of quality time with Sienna and Hugo.

The reality star gave birth eight weeks ago
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Her husband with baby Aurelia
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Wrapping up her birth story, Millie added: "As a serial planner it freaked me out thinking the baby was coming early but luckily my second C-section was everything that I hoped it would be and just magical.

"I asked to drop the curtain and watch Aurelia be born, which was an incredible moment that I will treasure forever! I can't thank the amazing staff at @thekensingtonwing enough for their care and support, during both of my stays."

Millie shared snaps of herself cradling baby Aurelia while in hospital, with husband Hugo making a feature in some of the images.

Taking to the comments section, fans praised Millie for her honest birth story and for sharing the personal experience.

Millie pictured before giving birth
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She had a 'scare' a couple of weeks before giving birth
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One person gushed: "Lovely pictures! And such a positive birth story. Glad to hear that you had your planned c-section. Looking forward to following along with your motherhood journey with two beautiful girls xx"

A second added: "Wow! Thanks for sharing, birth rarely follows your ‘plan’ but it sounds like you had all the best information and care to enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy. Congratulations!!!"

A third fan wrote: "Beautiful moments! Congrats and enjoy baby cuddles."

Millie welcomed her second baby in November, giving daughter Sienna a little sister.