New mum Millie Mackintosh begged Hugo Taylor to ‘suck out’ milk blockage in her breast

Millie Mackintosh reveals she asked husband Hugo Taylor to 'suck out' painful mastitis blockage


She asked her followers on Instagram for suggestions on how to ease the breast infection

"I've had so many lovely messages and I'm on antibiotics. I went to a women's health physio yesterday and had a really painful but effective massage and that has definitely helped a little bit.

"And also they used an ultrasound machine to help break down the blockage. The area is still sore but it's actually not red anymore because the area was bright red, so that's good."

She added: "I have asked Hugo to try sucking out the blockage but he is not keen so we won't be trying that!

One follower suggested that the blockage is 'sucked out', but she said Hugo wasn't too happy about the idea

She gave birth to her daughter in November

"But what I am going to try today is epsom salts with hot water in a hacker pump because loads of you said to try that. So I will keep you posted on how we are getting on."

According to the NHS, Mastitis is where breasts become swollen, hot and painful.

It can affect men and women, but it's common with women who are breastfeeding.

Millie looked sensational in blue underwear with her full bump
(Image: Instagram/ @milliemackintosh)

She gave birth via c section with Hugo by her side
(Image: Instagram/ @milliemackintosh)

Symptoms include a swollen area on the breast that becomes painful to touch.

There may also be a burning pain in the breast, which could either be consistent or just when breastfeeding.

Millie, who welcomed Aureliá in November, is also mum to Sienna, 20 months.

But she had a bit of a tough time towards the end of her pregnancy where she caught norovirus and gave birth by c section.

Millie is also mum to Sienna who is 20 months old
(Image: Instagram/ @milliemackintosh)

Millie revealed how she got sick before giving birth
(Image: Instagram/ @milliemackintosh)

Posing in the hospital and holding her baby bump, Millie said: "Firstly let me say that my birth experience was really positive, the playlist I made when I had Sienna was playing in the background, Hugo was there and I felt totally calm and ready, but that wasn’t the case in the few weeks before.

"I was admitted to hospital two weeks before my c section was booked in as they thought I was in early labour and having contractions brought on by throwing up after I caught the norovirus.'

"Naturally I went into panic mode as I felt so unprepared and nervous, plus Sienna was poorly at home with Hand Foot & Mouth and I knew she needed her Mama!"

She asked if nurses could remove the curtain so she could watch Aurelia be born
(Image: Instagram/ @milliemackintosh)

She called the birth an 'incredible moment'
(Image: Instagram/ @milliemackintosh)

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She added that the "little scare" made her appreciate her last few weeks before the baby came along and she enjoyed spending time with Sienna and Hugo.

"As a serial planner it freaked me out thinking the baby was coming early but luckily my second C-section was everything that I hoped it would be and just magical. I asked to drop the curtain and watch Aurelia be born, which was an incredible moment that I will treasure forever!'

"I can’t thank the amazing staff at @thekensingtonwing enough for their care and support, during both of my stays," she ended her post.

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