Newcastle fear rivals inflating fees amid “frustrating week” in Jesse Lingard pursuit

Eddie Howe is worried Newcastle's rivals are sticking the price up on their transfer targets
(Image: REUTERS)


Carlos has agreed triple money personal terms but a £35m deal with Seville has not been agreed yet.

Howe said: “We are against a deadline and we are desperately trying to improve the squad. It has been a fruitless search this week.

“The takeover has elevated expectations on what Newcastle can pay other clubs. When you are in our position and keen to add to the dynamic, it has been very difficult.

“I think we are facing inflated prices because of January and possibly also because of our name but that’s something we have to deal with.

“Late in the window you get a flurry of things going over the line. We will try to add to the squad until the last day.”

Asked how annoying it was to be three weeks into the transfer window having not signed a priority centre half, Howe added: “It is not as easy as people think. I understand your question. I get it.

“The visuals of how we look, players desire to come, it looks better when you are not in the bottom three than when you are, when players are looking to come here. We will try to change that.”

On the type of new recruits he wants, Howe said: “We want positivity, leadership and a winning mentality. You have to bring those characters into the group.

“So we have to get the right new players. Kieran Trippier and Chris Wood have settled in well to the group. They are very popular and have brought a positive energy. It is about the right players, not the quantity.

“It is a complex thing. It is not as easy as pointing and say: I want him. Players want to know everything about a move. You are never guaranteed to get a player until the last minute. You can waste a lot of time.

"We want to add a few more to give us a few a bounce."