Nicki Minaj mocks Boris Johnson and Chris Whitty over their ‘diss’ at briefing

Nicki Minaj took aim at Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chris Whitty


The hitmaker, who has 22.6million followers on Twitter, went on to share a short clip of the moment as well as Boris Johnson's remarks afterwards.

The prime minister had waded into the row, saying: "I'm not as familiar with the works of Nicki Minaj as I probably should be, but I'm familiar with Nikki Kanani, superstar GP of Bexley who has appeared many times before you, who will tell you that vaccines are wonderful and everybody should get them.

England's Chief Medical Officer and the Prime Minister criticised her tweets
(Image: POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

"So I prefer to listen to Nikki Kanani."

Nicki bizarrely responded to Johnson's comments and tweeted: "I love him even tho I guess this was a diss? The accent ugh! Yassss boo!!!"

Kuenssberg retweeted her comment and wrote: "2021 everyone …"

The hitmaker was unimpressed and snarked back: "Yes 2021 when jack a**es hang on to my every tweet but can’t decipher sarcasm & humor, and can’t read. Go away dumbo".

She went on to share an odd voice note as she imitated a British accent as she said: "Yes, hello Prime Minister Boris! It's Nicki Minaj! I was just calling you to tell you I thought you were so amazing on the news this morning and I'm actually British!

"I was born there, I went to university there, I went to Oxford. I went to school with Margaret Thatcher and she told me so many nice things about you! I'd love to send you a portfolio of my work, since you don't know much about me.

"I'm a big, big star in the United States!"

She added in a tweet: "send this to the prime minister & let him know they lied on me. I forgive him. No one else. Only him."

Baffled fans took to comment, with one writing: "NICKI PUT THE PHONE DOWN NOW."

While another joked: "MARTHA CAME OUT to get them together Chile."

A third quipped: "i went to school with margaret thatcher NICKIIII STOPPPP."