Nikki Bella is interested in having more kids while twin sister Brie says two is enough

Nikki Bella is open-minded about having more children.

The 37-year-old star already has a 14-month-old son, Matteo, with Artem Chigvintsev and although they don’t have immediate plans to have another baby, Nikki is open to the idea of more kids.

She shared: ‘I told Artem … “When I’m 39, if we feel so great in life and comfortable and you really want to try and have a little girl or just another one, and I feel that it’s right as well, we can do that.” 


Happy as a mom but not ready for more: Nikki Bella, seen with her sister Brie, said she doesn’t want to have another child right now but could imagine having another in the future

‘I would like, if we did have a second, [to have it] right at 40 or right before 40,’ she added. 


The former Dancing with the Stars contestant is loving the challenge of motherhood, describing Matteo as her ‘best buddy.’

She told Us Weekly: ‘I want this time with just my son … I just don’t want to have another baby interfere with that right now because I go over to [my sister Brie Bella’s] household and I’m like, “This is a lot. Boy, does two change it.”‘ 

Maybe when she’s older: Nikki said she might consider having a child right before or right after she turns 40

Other side of the spectrum: While Nikki is open to having another child, Brie has made it emphatically clear that she does not

By contrast, Brie insists she won’t have any more kids.

The 37-year-old TV star – who shares Birdie, four, and Buddy, 14 months, with her husband Daniel Bryan – is loving seeing her kids and Matteo growing up together.

Speaking about Matteo and Buddy, Brie recently said: ‘They’re growing so fast, but they’re growing exactly the same. 

Happy their kids are growing up together: Brie said she’s happy that her two children Birdie and Buddy are growing up with her nephew Matteo

Brie’s got a little wrestler: Brie Bella said that her little boy Buddy, just 14 months old, is already a wrestler

‘We’re always like, “They’re twins!” Both of them are walking. Both of them love to pick up stuff and throw [it]. They both climb the couch the same … and jump. They’re wild and fearless.’

Brie – who has been married to Daniel since 2014 – also observed that her nephew is the ‘more sensitive’ baby of the two.

She added: ‘Buddy is already a wrestler.’