No surprises Adam Driver’s baffling Burberry advert, where he turns into a centaur, has gone wildly viral

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Who knew Adam Driver was a mythical centaur this whole time?


The Marriage Story actor is fronting the latest Burberry fragrance campaign and, while we’re sure the great minds behind the advert wanted the clip to go viral, we’re not sure they wanted it to go viral like this.

Or maybe they did. We don’t pretend to know the twisted minds of modern-day marketers, but just shut up and take our money, okay?

The ad dropped this week and features the FKA twigs’ song Two Weeks soundtracking a shirtless Adam swimming, twisting and twirling in the ocean like the gorgeous being he is.

But then, what’s that? A wild horse emerges on the beach and soon they’re gallivanting around in the waves like two chums who love a spritz of Burberry fragrance in the morning.

While things might be going all Equus way too fast for our liking, the advert brings us right back to reality with one final shot.

That is, showing Adam has transformed into a centaur, with the glorious sunshine streaming over his hooves on the sand.

Majestic (Picture: Burberry)

Just riding the horse here, not THE horse (Picture: Burberry)

That’s right. Our hero is, in fact, not a human man like we thought (fools!), but a mythical creature that is part man, part horse.

Totally ignoring the fact he has animorphed into a horse, Adam says: ‘Burberry Hero, a new fragrance for men.’

And centaurs, we assume.

Perhaps no surprises punters are going wild for the advert, with one riffing on the famous Burberry logo which features a knight riding a horse: ‘It took Burberry 150 years, but they finally found a man willing to turn INTO THE HORSE.’

Writer E. Alex Jung also mused: ‘I see burberry has tapped into the horse girl to adam driver pipeline.’

I’ve been sleeping less well since it got cooler (strangely) and I don’t think I dreamed about him but I can feel centaur Adam Driver hovering vaguely on the edge of my consciousness, which is not an ideal way to start the day

— Helen (@HelenCliff) July 28, 2021

I don’t know why but all these Adam Driver on a horse make me go straight to the memory of Little Sebastian. Two icons.

— Aunt MaraJade❤️Reylo (@JadeAunt) July 28, 2021

Adam Driver flogging mens scent, not impressed. Adam Driver turning into a centaur …yes please.

— queeninthenorth (@Queen_int_North) July 28, 2021

So in the new Burberry ad campaign it’s revealed that Adam Driver is a centaur, which looking back, I can’t believe I didn’t notice before

— HappyToast ★ (@IamHappyToast) July 27, 2021

It took Burberry 150 years, but they finally found a man willing to turn INTO THE HORSE #AdamDriver

— dani ❞ (@thirstydriver) July 27, 2021

It took Burberry 150 years, but they finally found a man willing to turn INTO THE HORSE #AdamDriver

— dani ❞ (@thirstydriver) July 27, 2021

did adam driver not book this or did this guy not book burberry

— hunter harris (@hunteryharris) July 27, 2021

Burberry to Adam Driver: you’re gonna be the face of our new fragrance, but you have to be a Centaur on the beach

Adam Driver:

— dani ❞ (@thirstydriver) July 27, 2021

Many, many others were simply picking their jaws off the floor at the sight of Kylo Ren’s rippling muscles to even notice he was now a horse.

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Suppose this is another one to add to the bulging file of bizarre fragrance adverts that make absolutely no sense at all?

Anyway, we’re off to watch this theatrical masterpiece, again.

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