Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson reveals her newborn son’s name

Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson revealed that her baby boy’s name is Jett James in a video that was shared to her YouTube account on Friday.

In the featurette, the 29-year-old athlete was seen recovering in hospital after giving birth to her first child, who was added to her family earlier this month.

The Dancing With The Stars winner shares her newest kid with her husband, Andrew East, whom she married in 2016, and the couple also has a daughter named Drew Hazel, aged one.


New family member: Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson revealed that her newborn child’s name was Jett James in a video that was shared to her YouTube account on Friday

At the beginning of the video, Johnson and her husband were seen spending time with Jett James in a hospital room following his birth. 

The athlete then enjoyed a visit from a set of her son’s grandparents, who appeared excited to meet their new grandchild.


A second set of grandparents later visited the couple and one of the kid’s grandfathers gave the baby boy his first combover.

Jett James was then seen having his footprints taken by a nurse, and East commented that his son had a very good ‘reach’ when he stretched his arms out.

Content: In the video, the medalist was seen recovering in hospital after her second child’s arrival

Happy dad: The athlete shares her new son with her husband of several years, Andrew East

The 29-year-old professional football player humorously noted that his son was ‘going to the spa’ when he had his head washed.

The couple was also seen FaceTiming former Olympian Nastia Liukin, who appeared to be happy to see that Johnson was doing well after giving birth.

The former gymnast was recorded holding her son’s birth certificate, and East commented that their child was a ‘real registered person.’

Johnson then dressed her son up in a green robe, and although his father commented that he should be happy to be in his ‘first outfit,’ Jett James cried out when his mother tried to get him covered up.

Excited: Jett James’ grandparents appeared to be more than happy to meet their new grandchild

Momentous day: At one point, Johnson was seen holding up her son’s birth certificate, and East commented that the baby boy was officially a ‘real registered person’

The happy parents later returned home to see several displays set up in honor of the newborn child and his older sister.

After the family’s dog became acquainted with the baby, East turned the camera towards lighted letters that spelled out ‘Jett,’ and a text graphic later revealed his entire name.

A brief message was added to the video’s description where the parents noted that they had been enjoying their time with their son ever since his birth. 

Back home: Johnson and East were greeted with several large displays after they left the hospital and returned to their residence

‘We are still over the moon that little man is finally with us. We’re in heaven,’ it partially read.

The two also acknowledged the support of their fans in the second part of the statement and expressed that they were grateful for all of the well wishes. 

It read: ‘We’re so thankful we get to share this journey with you. Thank you for the continues [sic] prayers, we so appreciate them!’ 

Feeling good: In the video’s description, the two wrote that they were ‘over the moon that little man is finally with us’

Johnson later revealed that her son’s name was taken from both her ‘great great great grandmother’ and from East’s brother in an Instagram post.

The Olympian and her husband were first introduced in 2012 and went on to make their union official four years later.

Following their marriage, they added Drew to their lives in 2019. 

Going strong: Johnson and East were initially introduced in 2012 and tied the knot four years later

The pair initially announced that they had welcomed a new child earlier this month through a post made to Teddy & Bear’s official Instagram Story.

The shot was accompanied by a text graphic that read: ‘We’re so excited to announce a new friend is here…Mom and baby are doing well.’ 

Johnson shared the very first photos of her son on her Instagram account earlier this week. 

Making it known: Jett’s arrival was announced earlier this month on Teddy & Bear’s official Instagram Story and the first photos of the baby were shared on Johnson’s account on Tuesday

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