Paloma Faith admits ‘Freedom Day’ has made her too ‘scared to go out’

Paloma Faith has said that ‘Freedom Day’ has made her too scared to venture out of the house because she doesn’t feel safe.

The singer, 40, spoke candidly in a video she shared via her Instagram stories on Tuesday, discussing her anxiety over catching Covid now that lockdown rules has been changed in England and admitted she wanted to ‘hide’ at home. 

Walking outside, she said: ‘This Freedom Day absolute nonsense feels like the least free we’ve been in for a long, long time.

‘It just doesn’t feel safe!’ Paloma Faith admitted on Tuesday that ‘Freedom Day’ has made her too ‘scared to go out’ and she rather stay at home and hide

‘I don’t understand it. It’s like everyone whose got b****y kids or an anxiety or whatever, or problems with social lives anyway, is all just hiding and are less free than ever because we are all scared to go out.’

Paloma added that a lot of people she knows have now caught Covid as a result of going out.


She went on: ‘And I feel like one of those people who actually Freedom Day has made me feel like just staying in my house and hiding.

‘It just doesn’t feel safe and it feels as well like everyone I know seems to have Covid from going to a gathering or whatever.’

Candid: Paloma (pictured with her daughter in March) claimed, ‘This Freedom Day absolute nonsense feels like the least free we’ve been in for a long, long time’

Honest: Paloma reflected, ‘I feel like one of those people who actually Freedom Day has made me feel like just staying in my house and hiding. It just doesn’t feel safe’

Paloma welcomed her second child, a daughter, with partner Leyman Lahcine in February. 

It comes after the singer revealed she feels ‘mum guilt’ returning to work just 11 weeks after the birth of her daughter. 

She appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show and talked about becoming a mum-of-two, touring with children and how she would love to do Strictly Come Dancing.

Paloma has shared the highs and lows of parenting in her post-partum diary on Instagram, and tells the host how ‘moving’ it is to hear other women going through the same motions. 

Candid: Earlier this year, Paloma revealed on the Jonathan Ross Show she feels ‘mum guilt’ returning to work 11 weeks after the birth of her daughter

She said: ‘My baby’s now 11 weeks old and I have been posting a lot on social media about my feelings – I think a lot of women share those feelings.

‘It’s been quite moving hearing what a lot of people have to say about during the pregnancy and post-partum. 

‘This is actually the second bit of work I’ve done since giving birth. There’s loads of stuff going on with that – returning to work, feeling guilty, I keep texting everyone saying, “Is she ok? Had enough milk?”.’

Honest: Paloma said she felt ‘guilt mixed with concern’ over returning to work for the first time in a Twitter post last week where she shared glam snaps using a breast pump 

Paloma, who is yet to reveal the name of her daughter, added: ‘I was pumping backstage – the reality is hardcore. It took them 2 hours to make me look like this.’ 

During the interview, Paloma, who was on the show to talk about her new single Monster, also revealed her plans to tour in September and her eldest daughter, three, will be heading to school.

She said: ‘I’ll do it with one baby. It’s really hard. But it’s worth it because they know who their mum is. Some kids don’t, who have touring parents.’ It’s important to show your kids what makes you happy and it makes me happy. 

Her say: Paloma has been keeping fans updated on her pregnancy journey with a refreshingly honest post-partum diary series on Instagram

And while the New York hitmaker seems to have plenty on her plate, she admitted she would love to take part in Strictly Come Dancing in the future.

After being asked by Jonathan if she had ever been approached by BBC bosses to do the show, Paloma replied: ‘No, I really want to be on. I used to be a dancer. I really hate dancing now. So that’s why I want to do it, as I really like torturing myself. There’d be loads of masochism in doing it.

‘But I used to be really obsessed by salsa dancing when I was young, maybe 17.

‘I used to go 5 nights a week and still make it into college the next morning… I’ve always wanted to learn to Tango.’ 

Growing family: The singer recently welcomed her second child with partner Leyman Lahcine, with whom she also shares a four-year-old daughter. Pictured together in 2018

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