Peter Andre admits he’s prepared for son Junior, 16, to move away from home soon

Peter Anre has confronted the fact his children are growing up
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Peter addressed his children growing up in his latest YouTube update, with the star explaining: “I got a question asking ‘Is Junior planning on moving out?’

"I've gotta be honest guys, I hope not."

He continued: “That kid, man. I know he's my son and he's 16… but he is the coolest, kindest kid and he's got a heart of gold."

Peter expects his son, Junior, to move out when he goes to college
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Pete – who has two other children with his current wife, Emily MacDonagh, shared some touching details of his family life.

He said: “He will say ‘Come on dad, let’s watch a movie tonight.’ He won’t want me to say this, but he still comes and he gives his old man a hug, which is great. A lot. He’s really cool like that. And we love hanging out and it’s great.

“But he’s at an age that once he goes to college and stuff I know he's gonna want to do more and more of his own thing and I'm prepared for that."

Peter says he wants his house to be so welcoming that his kids won't ever leave
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Peter continued: “But I wouldn’t want him to move out.”

And he added: “I’m going to make the house like the Bermuda Triangle – you can get in, but you can’t get out.”

Pete’s latest updated attracted a flurry of comments from fans who seemed eager to assure him that his son would never be too far from home, even once he moves out.

One commented: "Junior will never be far away, you guys have an amazing relationship."

Another added: "I've always been a fan of you and your family Peter, you have raised your kids well. They are grounded, polite and just amazing."

As well as Junior and Princess, Peter also has younger children Amelia, seven, and Theo, four, with his wife Emily.

Peter also has a daughter named Princess who he shares with ex-wife Katie Price

He has even speculated he will welcome more children with Emily as he hopes to be a father again before he turns 50.

He told OK! magazine back in 2019: “After Theo we said we were absolutely done but recently we’ve been talking about another baby.

“It’ll have to be soon though. I don’t want to be changing nappies when I’m 50!”

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