Peter Andre feels ‘done’ having kids but will do it again if wife Emily wants to

Peter wants Emily to decide if they have more kids

"Since when is it my choice? Think about it. You might say, 'Well it is your choice'. No, it ain't my choice."

Peter admits the pair have discussed the idea of adding to their brood as they love the "beautiful age" their youngest is at now.

"It's a very good question. Physically I can't … my wife on the other hand," he said.

"I don't know. We say things like, 'Oh wouldn't it be great to have another Theo', because Theo's like four years old and he's running around and he's brilliant and it's a beautiful age.

The couple already have Theo and Amelia together
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"But then when we meet up with people who have got a couple of kids and they hand us over the kids and they're screaming, I'm like, 'Hell no!' we actually look at each other and we're like, 'Hell no.'"

Whilst Peter's not a big fan of the younger years, he loves having a toddler around the house.

"But then we go back and we're like, 'Oh wouldn't it be good?' I think it's those first two years. I like the toddler years, toddler and above, they're cool. It's those first two years. I mean, Emily loves the first two years, so…" he said.

Peter and Emily have been married since 2015
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His comments come after he revealed why it is important to keep his younger kids' faces out of the spotlight.

"I remember people thinking it was going to be really difficult having Millie and Theo on TV and have their faces blurred but it's easy to do, people still get to know their personalities," he told HELLO!.

"You don't see their faces so you couldn't pick them out in the street, but you can see their personalities and that's what you really want to show."

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