Piers Morgan, 55, receives Covid vaccine and praises ‘amazingly efficient’ NHS

Piers has had his Covid jab
(Image: Twitter)

"The doctor here is going to be administering it to me."

He added: "I have to say it's been an amazingly efficient operation…we were told exactly where to go, you treated me like the idiot I am, nothing was left to chance."

The doctor explained that they were aiming to complete around 560 jabs in a half day shift with the help they were receiving from the medical centre's 40 volunteers.

Piers praised the 'efficient' NHS operation
(Image: Twitter)

Piers chatted to medical staff as they administered the jab
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"Very painless," Piers noted afterward, "there it goes. That's it, barely felt a thing.

"Not even as painful as working with Susanna Reid!"

Controversial media personality Piers has made waves throughout the pandemic, not least for his no-prisoners approach to interviewing government ministers.

He's clashed live on-air with the likes of Gavin Williamson, Therese Coffey, and Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Piers has clashed with a number of government ministers
(Image: ITV)

And his cross-sectioning of Mr Hancock, as well as care minister Helen Whateley, even sparked complaints lodged with Ofcom.

The broadcast watchdog cleared Piers, ruling that he'd been performing his journalistic duty.

Piers' coverage of the crisis has even seen a friendship come crashing down.

He's clashed several times with Mr Hancock
(Image: ITV)

He's frequently clashed with Lord Sugar over Twitter, Piers reckoning his former pal's conduct has been the final nail in the coffin for their relationship.

"I think we're done as friends," Piers told The Sunday Times, "I can't see through the behaviour."

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