Piers Morgan recalls his partying past as he back nightclubs reopening on Freedom Day

Piers recalled his clubbing days on Twitter on Monday as he threw his support behind the nightclub industry
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In light of his son’s tweet, Piers surprisingly agreed with Spencer and he commented: “My eldest son and I have vehemently disagreed about many things in the pandemic but I understand this sentiment. When I was his age (27), I Ioved nightclubs.

“It’s been a very tough 16 months for that industry and for those who support it & like clubbing.”

Piers latest comment comes after he compared Prime Minister Boris Johnson to scarecrow Worzel Gummidge after his original plan to not self-isolate has taken a U-turn.

The controversial TV presenter, 56, has slammed the PM and his appearance after he shared a video explaining he will now quarantine after he and Chancellor Rishi Sunak were pinged by the NHS app after coming into contact with Sajid Javid, who has tested positive for coronavirus.

At first, it was revealed neither of them would have to self-isolate as they were set to take part in a pilot scheme that would have allowed them both to continue working from Downing Street.

Piers was unhappy with the decision, taking to Twitter to share his thoughts about the original plan.

He penned: "WHAT? So once again, one rule for the people setting the rules and another for the rest of us? This is a terrible decision."

Nightclubs around England reopened at midnight on Monday after being closed for 16 months
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But in a turn of events, Boris has now shared that he will be self-isolating until July 26, and urged the public to "stick with the programme" despite lockdown restrictions in England coming to an end on Monday.

He said in the video: "I really do urge everybody to stick with the programme and take the appropriate course of action when you're asked to do so by NHS Test and Trace."

Piers was then outraged by the new plan, slamming the "disingenuous nonsense of Freedom Day".

He told his followers: "So, @RobertJenrick spends all morning tortuously defending the indefensible “one rule for us, one rule for everyone else” conduct of his Prime Minister & Chancellor, only for them to wait until he comes off air before admitting it was indefensible & they're no longer doing it.

The broadcaster criticised Freedom Day and branded it 'disingenuous nonsense'
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"Nothing will more perfectly illustrate the disingenuous data-ignoring nonsense of “Freedom Day” tomorrow than Boris Johnson locked away at Chequers, self-isolating from the virus we're supposed to be free from."

He then went in on the PM's dishevelled appearance in the clip, likening him to scarecrow and TV star Worzel Gummidge as his hair seemed to be sticking up in all directions.

"Boris Johnson tells us to abide by the rules he intended to circumvent until everyone wants nuts," he wrote.

"What a shambles – but what else to expect from a guy who can't be bothered to even brush his hair when he addresses the British people? You're Prime Minister, not Worzel Gummidge."

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