Piers Morgan ‘thankful’ for Meghan Markle as she’s been ‘great for his career’

Piers Morgan says Meghan Markle has been 'great for his career'
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He appeared at the TRIC Awards today
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“Honestly, she’s been great for my career to be honest with you. I really want to thank her.”

Ofcom recently ruled in favour of Piers after investigating his comments about Meghan, and Piers said it’s a victory for free speech.

He went on: “We haven’t heard much out of her then have we? She’s gone a bit quiet.

“It was a victory for free speech. Whether people like me or don’t like me, we’re all entitled to an opinion.”

At the ceremony Piers was in the same room as Susanna Reid for the first time since stepping down from GMB.

He insisted their reunion wasn’t awkward, saying: “I haven’t seen Susanna since I left. It’s not awkward at all.”

Meghan Markle
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Piers’ fans are desperate to know what he’ll be doing next after stepping down from GMB, and he’s teased that they won’t have to wait long to find out.

“I’ve got a little plan, might be coming quite soon,” he added. “I can’t tell you any more but man the battle stations, it won’t be long.”

This week, Piers has found himself in his latest spat, this time with Nicki Minaj.

Kate Garraway, Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid reunite at the event
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Nicki has been criticised for speaking against the Covid vaccine, saying she didn’t get it as her cousin’s friend apparently had a bad reaction, leaving him impotent.

Piers waded in to the debate, and called Nicki the rudest celebrity he’s ever met and refused to have a picture with his sons.

Nicki changed her bio to include Piers’ jibe of “rudest little madam”.

Piers told us: “Unfortunately my taunting, she seems to have taken it as a compliment.

“She doesn’t remember meeting me or ever appearing on America’s Got Talent."