‘Please, SPEED UP!’: Max Verstappen reveals desperate plea moments before F1’s first ever Sprint qualifying after Red Bull driver’s brakes dramatically CAUGHT FIRE – but he put in a red-hot display to secure pole

Max Verstappen was ‘really worried’ his first-ever Sprint at Silverstone was over before it began after his brakes overheated and caught fire on the starting grid.

With temperatures on track reaching 47C it was a tricky test for Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, who started first but finished second, to keep brakes cool as the grid filled out at the back.

Verstappen soon caught a glimpse of fans animatedly photographing his car from the stands in horror at the flames engulfing his front left tyre.

Max Verstappen brakes caught fire during the start of the sprintrace pic.twitter.com/RX7C9DXnHI

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Max Verstappen admits he was ‘really worried’ about his brakes catching fire at Silverstone

The 23-year-old’s front left brake caught fire moments before the start of the first-ever Sprint


‘I was really worried,’ the Red Bull driver said.

‘A little bit of fire is OK but at one point it was becoming quite big and I was looking in my mirror to the cars at the back like “please speed up!”

‘Of course I wasn’t sure going into Turn 3 if my brakes were going to work but luckily it didn’t do too much damage.

‘I saw a few people in the Grandstand taking pictures when the brakes were on fire. For sure they got a good few shots there.’

However, Verstappen kept his cool to pip Lewis Hamilton to pole for the British Grand Prix

In the end Verstappen was able to brush it off with a wry smile after another red hot performance saw him dominate Hamilton to claim pole position for Sunday’s British Grand Prix.

Red Bull are so hot right now that Verstappen is looking for his fifth race win from the last six Grand Prix weekends.

A miserable Hamilton appeared disengaged when asked what Saturday’s 30-minute Sprint, a first of its kind in Formula 1, suggests ahead of Sunday’s race.

‘We can’t overtake them,’ he said. ‘They are too fast.’

The Red Bull star leads the championship and will hope to triumph on his rival’s home patch

But Verstappen rightly avoided the bait of overconfidence and predicted a ‘very tough fight’ with a 140,000-strong home crowd in attendance to give Hamilton an edge.

‘I think what we learned today was it is very close again,’ the Dutchman added.

‘It is a bit different because it seems we are quick on corners and they are quick on the straights this weekend. Of course after only one free practice session and you can’t make any changes and so if you don’t get it right, you are a bit stuck. So, we are a bit stuck on the straights.

‘I still expect with a pit stop coming into play, two pit stops coming into play, it is going to be a good fight.’