Pregnant Dani Dyer gets some pram-pushing practise on lunch date with Georgia Steel

Dani took a look into her future – before enjoying some retail therapy and lunch

"She's not happy with me.

"We were meant to be going to see Drake next week and I don't think I'm invited. We'll see."

She took some time out after having to deny a bizarre theory about her baby's name to get some food and enjoy some time out of the house.

Since her pregnancy announcement, she has been flooded with comments about what she is likely to name her baby.

Georgia Steel and the star have made up

She is due to drop in January – and looks fantastic

Dani has denied she will follow tradition and call her baby Danny or Dani after her and her famous dad.

She explained on Love Island spin-off series What Happened Next: "I'm having a baby, that is so weird saying that.

"Everyone has this thing that I'm gonna call the baby Danny. That is not going to happen.

"It's like, 'it's such a Danny Dyer thing to then call her baby Danny Dyer'."

They hit the shops after grabbing food

Dani will be a great mum, her ex Jack Fincham said as he addressed her baby joy for the first time.

He said: "Yeah, I'm so happy for her. She'll make a brilliant mum as well."

On their split, he added: "Living in that villa, it's like you are in a goldfish bowl ain't it, and then real life hits you and you find out you're not compatible."

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