Pregnant Louise Thompson has been ‘living out of a car’ after devastating house fire

Louise Thompson thanked her partner Ryan Libbey for supporting her throughout the difficult time


Louise is expecting the couple's baby
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"It means a lot – I feel incredibly lucky and I wish everyone could be this lucky. We’ve moved in and out of 4 different hotel/hostels over the past week and basically lived out of a car and the truth is that it’s been really tough – one of the hardest things to deal with has been the total lack of security and privacy."

Louise explained how she was experiencing "a bit of social anxiety" and was desperate to hide herself away.

She added: "You can’t do that when you’re nomadic.

Ryan has been a huge support for Louise
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Louise gave fans an update as she prepares to welcome her little one

"The other thing (which was arguably even harder) was having to spend 5 days/nights without the dogs, who are basically my children. Sadly they aren’t welcome everywhere and they just take so much looking after which we couldn’t do from the car."

"I was so paranoid that they would be heavily traumatised by the incident because they got lost in the smoke before being rescued by Ryan but thankfully they seem to be ok and they have been impeccably looked after by scott, sam and zara. A million thank yous," she continued.

Louise says it will take "yonks" for her mother's house to be restored to its former glory.

Louise is pregnant with her and Ryan Libbey's child

The Made In Chelsea star had been staying with her mum whilst renovations were made on her house

She said: "I had no idea how hard it was to find somewhere to stay on a short term basis (sadly my mums house will take YONKS to restore), so now we’re just keeping our fingers and toes crossed for our own project.

Thankfully we have found a temporary solution which means that me, ryan, bump, koji and toto can camp out under one roof, hopefully until the baby is born if needs be."

She also heaped praise on her partner Ryan for supporting her with everything and keeping her stress levels down.

"Thanks for minimising all stress @ryan.libbey u da man! I’d be screwed without you," she added.