Rebekah Vardy, Mr X and Mrs F – tale of footballer affair laid bare in Wagatha trial

It's the second day of the libel trial
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She said the information about Mr X was 'known in the football circle'.

"Lots of people knew about it. There may have been speculation on social media,'' she said.

Sherborne said a story later appeared in the same national newspaper revealing the 'married England footballer' had been forced to tell his wife he had secretly fathered a love child.

Sherborne suggested the footballer, nor his wife nor the mother of the child had wanted it made public.

Vardy said: "If you believe everything you read in The Sun.''

Sherborne accused her of leaking the information via Watt.

Vardy said it was 'not true' she had leaked the information.

She said she knew the `girlfriend' of the person involved and the story was not accurate.

Vardy messaged Watt: "Omg have you seen how badly Mrs F is behaving.

"Leak the story about her shagging G behind H's back.''

Watt replied she had tried before but a national newspaper she tipped off had not run it because they could not prove it.

In October 2019, Rooney accused Vardy of 'leaking stories'
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Vardy replied: "Urgh.''

Vardy told the court Mrs F was a well-known celebrity, Mr H was her estranged husband and Mr G was a well-known footballer.

Asked why she sent the message, Vardy replied: "I was absolutely disgusted with her.

"I was a bit shocked and a bit disgusted with what I had seen in the paper.''

Sherborne suggests she was telling Watt to leak the story.

Vardy: "That's the way it reads. But in context, I was just joking about that one.''

She said she and Watt were old friends and their messages were often 'outrageous' and 'totally inappropriate'.

"These are a lot of conversations between friends gossiping and poking fun at people.

"They do not read very well but there are always explanations for them.''

Rebekah Vardy was questioned about a married footballer Mr X
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Sherborne asked if footballer Mr G was a friend of Vardy's.

"No, that's not true.''

Sherborne asks if she messaged him on social media.

Vardy: "There's a difference between being friendly on social media. He is in the circle of acquaintances. Not people I know well.''

She said Mr G was an 'acquaintance' not a 'friend'.

Sherborne asked where she got the information about the affair.

Vardy: "Mrs F herself.''

Sherborne: "You betrayed her trust?''

Vardy: "She was not very shy about what was happening at all.''

The trial continues.