Rebekah Vardy’s bid to protect reputation in trial ‘not going well at the moment’, says lawyer

Rebekah is suing Coleen for damages for libel
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Coleen Rooney accused Rebekah of 'selling stories' in 2019
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Host Susanna Reid asked Jonathan: "We're hearing the airing of a lot of dirty laundry in that court case and the only people that are benefitting are the lawyers – as a lawyer, is that the case?"

"In many ways, it is, I regret to say and I can own up on behalf of most lawyers," Jonathan replied. "It was always a huge risk for Rebekah Vardy because she was going to be very closely cross-examined and that process was going to bring a lot of dirt out and that is indeed what's happening.

Lawyer Jonathan Coad appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss the case
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"So I fear that as an exercise to protect her reputation, at the moment it's not going very well."

Meanwhile, Angie admitted that she thought the case was a waste of time.

She said: "Of course they had their right to air their grievances but I just think it's really sad that it's come this far. And if these two girls can't fix it in the playground you have to go to the headmistress' office, I suppose!

"They're fortunate enough to be privileged enough to be able to do this, but I just think that their egos have gotten the better of them."

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