Richard Keys’ sly Gary Lineker jibe following comments after Man Utd vs Aston Villa

Man Utd's 1-0 win against Aston Villa was marred by VAR controversy
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"You can't keep fans, who pay good money, in the dark. It's wrong."

Keys wrote in response to the former England striker's suggestion: "Here’s a great idea. I should’ve thought of this. Oh – hang on – I did 18 months ago.

" BBC late to the party again but their support is welcome. We've got to push this through. There is no good reason why not."

Former Premier League referee Mark Halsey agrees with the pair and believes hearing officials would aid the conversation surrounding VAR.

"I've been championing this for a long, long time now," Halsey told BBC Sport.

"We need to hear the conversation between VAR and the on-field referee, so everybody knows what's going on and what we're looking at.

"We may not agree with the outcome of the the decision but at least everybody knows how they came to that decision and how difficult it is sometimes."

The PGMOL, the body responsible for match officials in English professional football, says the reason they cannot mic up referees is because FIFA has not yet sanctioned such a move, but discussions are ongoing.

Jarred Gillett, who became a Premier League referee this summer, was even mic'd up for his last game in his native Australia.

Back to Monday, and there was widespread debate surrounding Oliver's call, with Villa boss Steven Gerrard replying to a question about the decision post-match by asking: "How long have you got?

"The officials took three and a half minutes to settle that one. They have looked at two or three things in it. Now I've heard the reasons why, it wasn't that complex to need three-and-a-half minutes.

Ings' equaliser was ruled out through VAR
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"It was disappointing that it took so long, as we were in a good place at the time and that took a bit of sting out of the game for us."

BBC pundit and the Premier League's all-time top goalscorer, Alan Shearer, gave his take and said: "I'm not 100 per cent certain that Cavani was getting back for the goal.

"He's clever and I think he’s been done and he doesn’t attempt at all to get around him.

"Some would say he doesn’t have to but is it a clear and obvious error? I don't think it is because I'm not certain Cavani is going to get to the ball."

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This view was shared by co-pundit Micah Richards, who added: "I totally agree.

"When they look back at it, Ramsey was stood to the right. He impedes him but you don't know if Cavani was going to get there.

"He [Ramsey] didn't exactly hold him when he got there," the former Manchester City and Villa defender continued.

"He held his ground, he stepped to the side and Cavani ran into him and it took so long to make the decision it was just ridiculous.

"The consistency is not good enough. I mean, how can they have it [VAR] at one but not the other? It's not fair."