Saira Khan unveils scar and ‘bionic ankle’ after injury saw her quit Celebrity SAS

Saira broke her ankle on Celebrity SAS
(Image: Channel 4)


But the Mirror columnist, 51, says she's proud of the scar she's been left with, and joked that she's got a "bionic" ankle now.

Sharing a picture of a scar on the top of her foot, she penned: "I tried my very best, but in the end I had to be honest with myself. I was in pain and didn’t want to let the other’s down. I was dragging behind and I felt I was being a burden.

"I actually fractured my ankle and have had surgery where I’ve had a metal plate and 9 metal pins put in.

"I was in a cast for 12 weeks – but am all mended now.

"I’m proud of my ankle scar because it will always be a reminder of a time I did my very best and pushed myself outside my comfort zone.

"Thank you @sas_whodareswins for an amazing opportunity which I will remember for life

"Thank you all for your amazing support"

Going on to share images of her X-ray and the stitches down her ankle, she wrote: "Thank you to my amazing surgeon Mr Bob Sharpe for putting me back together. I’ve now got a bionic ankle thanks to his amazing skill.

She shared images of her horror injury
(Image: iamsairakhan/Instagram)

She says she's proud of her scar
(Image: iamsairakhan/Instagram)

"I’ve never broken a bone in my body and at 51 it was a shock.

"But to anyone who is suffering with an ankle injury please know you will heal, but rest, keep positive, exercise your upper body and believe in your power to heal"

Saira's fans rushed to praise her for her strength and resilience.

Saira was one of a number of stars to withdraw from the challenge
(Image: Channel 4)

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One told her: "You did amazing and if you hadn't of injured yourself you would have have completed it . . . . Your a very strong minded woman . . . Well done"

While another follower commented: "Goodness, you looked in pain, figured it must’ve been bad. Wishing you better!"

"You are amazing and so strong," a third told her.