Saoirse Ronan treasures normal life

Saoirse Ronan treasures normal life

Saoirse Ronan worried she sounded like a „robot“ in ‚Lady Bird‘ because she struggled with the „flat“ American accent.






Saoirse Ronan loves leading a „normal“ life.

Saoirse Ronan

The ‚Mary Queen of Scots‘ actress enjoys her career but is thankful to have supportive friends and family around her that can take her out of the „bubble“ of Hollywood.

She told Britain’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine: „I love going to work, but it’s lovely to have a normal life, and your friends and your family and the people who are close to you; you can get so wrapped up and disappear into the work bubble.“

Saoirse has been nominated for a number of awards in her career but when she doesn’t win, she much prefers the quiet support she receives from her loved ones than insincere messages of condolence.

Recalling one particular ceremony, which she attended with her friend and ‚Brooklyn‘ co-star Eileen O’Higgins, she said: „I think it was at the BAFTAs.

„I knew I wasn’t going to win or anything, but people do that thing when you lose, they come up to you and go, ‚Oh, you were robbed!‘ And I’m like, ‚Come on, let’s just have a glass of wine.‘

„But when I didn’t get it, Eileen literally just held my hand, gave it a squeeze and said, ‚Love you, pal‘. And I said, ‚Love you too‘. And that’s better.“

The 24-year-old star finds it frustrating that some people have dismissed her films as „women’s movies“ because they have a female lead as she insists the stories are universal.

She said: „With ‚Lady Bird‘,the amount of guys who would come up to me – and I had it with ‚Brooklyn‘ as well – and be like, ‚I’m not usually into films like that, but ah… I really liked that, and I even cried a little bit because I loved it so much.‘

„And I’m like, ‚What kind of films do you mean?‘ Of course, they mean female-led movies. But the thing is, whether there’s a girl or a boy leading it, ‚Lady Bird‘ is about someone preparing to leave home. That’s it. And the more specific you can make it to one person’s experience, the more universal it will be.“

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