Strictly’s Rose’s boyfriend ‘raising an eyebrow’ over her close bond with Giovanni Pernice

Rose's boyfriend is said to be 'raising an eyebrow' over her bond with Giovanni


Rose and Samuel have been in a relationship with each other for seven years.

The source added: "Rose is very focused and wants to win, but she and Giovanni are getting closer and closer.

"You can see from the praise they're giving each other and the open compliments about how proud they are of each other."

Rose is Strictly's first ever deaf contestant and she has explained before she uses the beat of the music and counting to stay in time.

While they are performing the judges and anyone in the studio are asked not to clap so Rose can concentrate.

Rose has been with her boyfriend for seven years
(Image: rose.a.e/Instagram)

Giovanni and Rose have been able to incorporate British Sign Language (BSL) into their routines as well as wowing viewers just two weeks ago when they included a silent section in their dance so everyone understood how Rose performed.

Following the powerful performance Giovanni whispered to Rose 'I love you'.

Then later on he praised his partner by saying: "A moment that will remain forever in my heart. You really are a ROLE MODEL!"

Giovanni has mentioned before that since starting the show this year he has been learning BSL while teaching Rose to dance.

The source went on: "Rose has taught Giovanni a lot – they're teaching each other a lot of things. It's sweet to see."

Rose and Giovanni have been impressing judges week after week and were the first couple to score 40 points out of a possible 40.

They also managed to break the record for the quickest 40 to be scored in the history of the show.

Last week Rose dressed up as Anna from Frozen

Fans think that the pair could be set to win the whole series as they haven't yet been in the bottom two.

Last week they performed a Quickstep to Frozen's Love Is An Open Door where they again impressed viewers.

Giovanni apologised to Rose for making a small mistake but she quickly reassured her partner that it's all about enjoyed themselves.

The BSL Courses website said they had seen a 2,844% increase in signups for their free trial training programmes since Rose started competing in Strictly.

Giovanni's and Rose's representatives have been contacted for comment.