Tamara Ecclestone hits back after cruel troll calls her daughter an ‘awful ugly thing’

Tamara Ecclestone has hit back at trolls, who targeted her young family
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Tamara posted a sweet snap of her youngest daughter on Instagram

The troll then took aim at her daughter, dubbing the little girl an "awful ugly little thing".

Understandably, the comment left Tamara fuming, and she quickly wrote back in retaliation: "Wow you must feel very bad about yourself and your existence. Let me give you some helpful hints, this won't make you feel better."

She was also set on by another troll, who criticised her early posts about Halloween.

"In what world is it Halloween? You are insecure about just a normal day being enough?!" the woman wrote.

Tamara and Jay have two daughters Sophia, also known as Fifi, and Serena
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Replying to a snap Tamara took of her eldest daughter peacefully sleeping, the troll added: "Your obsession is getting weird, will you be doing this when she is older??"

Tamara turned the comment back on the troll, writing on her Instagram story alongside a screenshot of the comments: "Oh Catherine I am so sorry about the way you feel about yourself. It must be a heavy load to carry such hate.

"Perhaps if your mum was a little more obsessed with you, you would be a nicer human now."

Tamara and her family have been criticised for going on a number of foreign holidays during the pandemic
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Tamara with her daughters Sophia and Serena
(Image: Instagram)

It's not the first time Tamara has been trolled and she was recently criticised for going on a number of holidays throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

However, her father Bernie Ecclestone was quick to defend her, insisting she just wanted to "escape the cold".

He told The Daily Mail : "They have been travelling around a lot but they’ve 100 per cent broken no laws by doing so. They both have a home in Switzerland for a start so are residents.

"I think, in Tamara and Jay's case, they left Switzerland to go somewhere warm because it had been snowing and was very cold in Gstaad.

"They went to Dubai and from there they disappeared to the Maldives, since they already had a trip there booked for some time and it was easier to fly straight there from Dubai so they didn’t have to break any rules. It was nice and simple, plus the airline tickets at the time were cheaper. They have now gone to California purely to see Petra, who has moved there."