The Masked Singer: Jackie ‘O’ Henderson shows off her 10kg weight loss

By her own admission she wasn’t feeling confident about her appearance during last year’s season of The Masked Singer Australia.

But radio presenter Jackie ‘O’ Henderson is looking better than ever ahead of Monday night’s season three premiere on Channel 10.

KIIS FM shared a photo on Instagram of a slimmed-down Jackie, 46, wearing a stylish black dress, which was taken on the set of the celebrity guessing game.


Sensational: Jackie ‘O’ Henderson is looking better than ever ahead of Monday’s season three premiere of The Masked Singer. Left: Jackie on last year’s season; right: on this year’s season

Jackie is a judge on The Masked Singer alongside Dave Hughes, Dannii Minogue and Urzila Carlson, while Osher Günsberg returns as host. 

The mother of one embarked on her weight loss journey in June after signing with WW (previously known as Weight Watchers) as a celebrity ambassador. 


When she reached her goal weight in August, Jackie said she was feeling ‘great’. 

‘I’ve got so much more energy and I don’t walk past the mirror anymore and think, “My God, how did I get to this point?”‘ she told Woman’s Day.

‘I can wear what I want, and I finally feel like my old self again.’

Family show: Jackie’s 10-year-old daughter, Kitty (left), joined her on set of The Masked Singer

Confident! When she reached her goal weight in August (pictured), Jackie said she felt ‘great’

‘I finally feel like my old self again’: The mother of one embarked on her weight loss journey in June after joining WW as a celebrity ambassador. Pictured before and after her weight loss

Jackie had signed up to WW after noticing her weight was spiralling out of control due to her busy schedule, irregular sleeping patterns and poor food choices.

Since then she has been following a strict, yet nutritionally balanced, meal plan.

Describing her day on a plate, Jackie told Woman’s Day she prefers to eat savoury food for breakfast, such as chicken or vegetable soup.

Cover girl! Jackie showed off her new physique on the August 16 cover of Woman’s Day

For lunch, she’ll have a turkey burger or Cruskits with ham, cottage cheese and tomato, while dinner typically consists of fish and vegetables or poached chicken.

For snacks, the mother of one has swapped unhealthy options for nuts and yoghurt.

Discussing her weight loss on The Kyle and Jackie O Show at the time, Jackie said she ‘never exercised once’ during her 10kg slim-down.

Jackie’s day on a plate

Breakfast: Chicken or vegetable soup

Lunch: Turkey burger or Cruskits with ham, cottage cheese and tomato 

Dinner: Fish and vegetables, or poached chicken 

Snacks: Nuts and yoghurt  


Weight Watchers does offer an extensive range of exercise plans for clients, but it seems Jackie chose to avoid that part of the program.

Jackie, a notorious yo-yo dieter, has struggled with her weight for years.

Last May, she admitted she was ’embarrassed’ about the weight she’d gained during lockdown and was desperate to lose the kilos before starring on The Masked Singer.

Jackie even revealed she was so self-conscious she would no longer let her 10-year-old daughter, Kitty, see her naked.

‘Over the weekend I was in my bathroom and the door was closed. I took off my clothes because I was going to get in the bath,’ she explained at the time.

‘Kitty went to walk through into the bathroom and I screamed, ‘Don’t come in!’ And she said, “Why?” And I said, “Because I’m naked.”

‘Kitty said, “You’re my mum. I see you naked all the time.” And I said, “I know, but I just don’t want you seeing me naked right now.” Because I’m just so embarrassed about how much weight I’ve put on.’  

Three months later, Jackie revealed she’d begged The Masked Singer’s producers to remove ‘unflattering’ footage of her looking bloated after gaining 5kg overnight.

She said she’d experienced water retention and bloating after eating 80 seaweed snacks backstage the previous night.

‘I didn’t want to leave the house’: In June, Jackie spoke about how her weight gain had affected her life, after she stacked on the kilos during Covid and became the ‘biggest I have ever been’

Unfortunately, it was too late for a costume change, so Jackie had to squeeze into her dress and felt uncomfortable throughout the taping.  

In June, Jackie spoke about how her weight gain had affected her life, after she stacked on the kilos during Covid and became the ‘biggest I have ever been’ .

‘I stopped wanting to leave the house and was avoiding social outings because I just didn’t feel well, motivated or confident anymore,’ Jackie said on air, adding that she would spend up to $300 per week on Uber Eats.

The Masked Singer airs Monday at 7:30pm on Channel 10 

Woman on a mission: ‘I joined WW so that I can feel healthier, be more active, feel good about myself, and fit into my old clothes again,’ Jackie said in June