Tori Spelling addresses plastic surgery rumors following Khloe Kardashian comparisons

Tori Spelling is addressing all the chatter over how different she looks of late, and her marriage that has been reported to be on the rocks.

Earlier this month, the 48-year old actress was photographed looking a lot like Khloe Kardashian, which sparked chatter that she had gotten a facelift and her nose done.  

The Beverly Hills 90210 alum doesn’t deny that she does look different more recently, only she disputes the plastic surgery rumors, and instead chalks up the change to her new makeup artist and a new cellular regeneration therapy.


Addressing the issues: Tori Spelling, 48, was confronted with two rumors that are circulating of late: whether her recent facial changes are the result of plastic surgery and if she and husband Dylan McDermott’s marriage is heading towards divorce

‘First of all, I have an amazing makeup artist now,’ Spelling explained of her facial transformation during an appearance on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy’s Jeff Lewis Live show on Thursday.

‘Her name is Hailey Hoff and with contour and she does makeup like no one else. And my face, I look completely different. I look like I’ve had a nose job. Like, it’s straight now.’


‘It’s all contouring,’ she said of the makeup technique.

Her take: Spelling credited her facial changes to her new makeup artist and a new cellular regeneration therapy called exosome therapy, while chatting to Jeff Lewis and his co-hosts

Khloe comparisons: The plastic surgery accusations were enhanced when her new look (left) was compared to Khloe Kardashian; she is seen out with hair stylist Laura Rugetti

In addition to contouring, the mother of five also credits her facial change on exosome therapy, a type of regenerative medicine treatment that can improve signaling between cells, reduce inflammation, cause cells to regenerate, and modify the body’s immune response when it’s not healthy, according to Right Path Pain & Spine Centers.  

‘It could be the exosomes, too, because they said my skin looks flawless, so maybe I’m looking younger,’ Spelling said. ‘They said I looked Snooki’s age. She’s 33. I’m like, ‘I’ll take that.’

‘It’s exosomes, I’m telling you,’ Lewis responded before adding, ‘It is the fountain of youth.’

Facelift and nose job rumors: ‘It’s all contouring,’ the actress said of the makeup technique, before adding, ‘It could be the exosomes, too, because they said my skin looks flawless, so maybe I’m looking younger’

His take: ‘It’s exosomes, I’m telling you,’ Lewis said before adding, ‘It is the fountain of youth’

Marriage woes: Spelling appeared to dodge the question about whether she was having marital troubles with McDermott after they were spotted out publicly, at Malibu Chili Cook-Off, for the first time in months

The Los Angeles native was also asked about her marriage to Dean McDermott amid all the divorce rumors. 

The couple, who celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary this past May, were seen in public with their children at the annual Malibu Chili Cook-Off on Labor Day. It was the first time they had been spotted together in months, which helped spark all the marital trouble chatter.

‘What I read is that Dean was there with you, putting on a brave front amid divorce rumors, even though you’re sleeping in separate beds. That’s what it said,’ Lewis said with an inquisitive tone to his voice.

‘I just read the Page Six article,’ he added. 

When it came to this subject, Spelling didn’t seem to give a direct answer. Initially she joked with the hosts by pointing out that she was ‘being penalized for being late’ to the radio show.    

Heading for divorce? Spelling’s appearance with her husband at the Malibu Chili Cook-Off on Labor Day was reportedly one of their first public sighting together in months

‘No, no I’m just telling you what I read’ Lewis reiterated to Spelling, adding, ‘But you guys had a good time together with the kids?’  

‘Yes, we did,’ she shot back, while again avoiding a direct answer about her reported strained marriage. 

‘We’ve been going to the Malibu Chill Cookoff since Liam was 1 year old. He’s 14. So it’s a tradition. The family does it together every year.’

Along with Liam, Spelling and McDermott are also proud parents to Stella, 13, Hattie, 9, Finn, 9, and Beau, 4.

The couple had had to deal with marital troubles in the past. Back in December 2013, after welcoming their second son, Us Weekly broke the news that McDermott was unfaithful with Spelling. The couple worked through the aftermath of the affair on a Lifetime series titled True Tori.

The couple, who celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary this past May, had to deal with previous marital troubles when they worked through McDermott’s affair on the Lifetime series True Tory after news broke of his infidelity in December 2013

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