Wet and wild! Sportsmail’s Kevin Quigley gets thrown in the pool at Tyson Fury’s after party

When you party in Vegas, it’s always fun. When you party in Vegas with Tyson Fury, it’s even more fun.

I managed to get into Tyson’s after-fight pool party at Wet Republic on Sunday, which is part of the MGM Grand complex and of course everyone was in a great mood. The music was blaring, the sun was shining (it is Vegas after all) and there was singing and dancing.

I was poolside, having a couple of drinks with some colleagues when I was invited up to Tyson’s cabana to have a shot of vodka with the champ. I was taking a group picture of his team and family and then out of nowhere, I had my camera taken off of me by camp organiser Timmy and was thrown into the pool.


Tyson Fury celebrates with family and friends at Wet Republic in Las Vegas on Sunday


As I said, it’s all fun in Vegas! And you can’t get a bigger celebration than Tyson’s victory. I was pulled out of the pool by one of his team members and Tyson handed me a beer laughing. 

Then his brother Tommy handed me another shot of vodka, while Tyson went back to partying and dancing with his wife Paris. 

It was a great, if soggy, day!

The heavyweight champion and wife Paris join in the fun at the after-fight pool party